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On the peninsula on August 15, 1945 (women and 18 prohibited viewing)   

【Caution to read】The following includes a very scareceful contents! Therefore, do not recommend to see it for women, good children, mentally weak people, and doraemon!
On the peninsula on August 15, 1945 (women and 18 prohibited viewing)_a0348309_12512674.jpg

Hi, Dear Folks!

A really interesting article has been serialized in the blog of Nezusan, Yoshiyuki Onagi.
This seems to be very helpful for people all over the world to know what happened on the Korean Peninsula after the Great East Asia War, so I translated it into English by using the Google translator.


On the peninsula on August 15, 1945 (women and 18 prohibited viewing)

A quote from a book.
Please read first.
The description is from the event on August 15, 1945.
(Some words are changed for blogs.)

Camellia flower(Fuyo no Hana):
A record of repatriates from North Korea
On the peninsula on August 15, 1945 (women and 18 prohibited viewing)_a0348309_09460877.jpg


What does it mean that Japan lost?
Wasn't he supposed to fight even if he was alone?
To that end, we should have practiced the Naginata so hard.
If you lose, you should be crushed.
It ’s strange that Japan is lost.
The head of a 12-year-old girl has been confused.
I left my sister and went out alone.

"What will happen to the soldier's father?"
"What will happen to my older brother"
“What will happen to us in the future?”

A camellia flower that bloomed in the flowerbed of the schoolyard where I was walking while thinking about that.
It was quietly blooming in the afternoon strong sunlight.
The petals were dyed light pink, and it was as gentle and beautiful as a dream.
And the calmness of this time.
The afternoon of August 15 flowed surprisingly quietly over me.

After a while, when I went back to school, a man in a military uniform, who was in charge, started to give a little packet to everyone.

“What is this?”
"Kuronic acid potassium"

I hear such a conversation.
Ah, after all, it ’s a smashing, no group self-determination.
I'm relieved for some reason.

“The peninsula people
It is said to kill all people.
In fact, in town
By the mob
Hundreds of Japanese
It seems to have been killed.
I want you to be prepared.
If the bell is three times
を What is in this white packet
Drink me "

The man said to leave that.
People who change clothes, people who start makeup, people who start eating canned foods they bring, people who just cry.
Someone gave me and my sister a caramel.
However, me and my sister were holding their mother's hands firmly and staring at the caramel.

When the hot sunlight leans west and begins to dye the window red, you can hear something strange noise from far away.
If you listen carefully, it is the voice of a human being who has been awakening as a group.

"I am housed in this school
‘Saying the Japanese,
A lot of Peninsulars
"I'm pushing"
Information is conveyed.

"Now take some medicine."
"No, the bell is not ringing"
It becomes noisy and so on.

I was staring at the voice from the window, but as soon as I saw the figure in the distance, I felt blood from my body.
Hundreds of people come with a loud voice in their hands with bamboo baskets and stones.
Somewhere in the school building, a tremendous sound of a broken window glass echoes.
Everyone on the spot squeezed potassium cyanide, and the sound of the bell was trembling with tension.

At that time,
"Children get together!"
I heard the men shout loudly.
I shook my mother's hand who wasn't trying to squeeze my hand and walked towards the schoolyard where he was speaking.
The story of the principal started in front of nearly 20 children.

“Everyone has a request.
Please listen carefully.
Peninsular people
In front of children
Never do anything bad
That's such a race.
, With all of you
In front of those people
”“ Aigo, Aigo,
Help me"
Please cry. "

I heard it and went out in front of the peninsula crowd first.
And as the principal said,
"Sad, sad,
Help me.
Please do not kill.
And begged while crying.

Everyone continued to scream.
Everyone was desperate.
There is only one principal
"Congratulations on Peninsular Independence"
And waving his hand.

The voice of our “sorrow” is obsessed with Urayama.
What could this desperate cry appeal to the people of the peninsula?
Eventually they raised without causing any harm to us.

With the wisdom of only one principal, many Japanese lives were saved, and the people on the peninsula were not made mob.
This teacher's gentle and deep smile is deeply carved into my heart.

Our horror changed into joy because the life that faced "death" was saved.
I went out to the backyard of the school, embracing my heart's stillness in the cry of my “sorrow”.
The back yard continued to a small high mountain slope, where a narrow road passed.
I was walking slowly on that road alone.

The next moment, he stopped breathing and hung himself in the grass, desperately trying to scream in fear.
I couldn't suppress my trembling.

Five young men come from the bottom of the road, singing loudly like a festival.
And the naked women are hung upside down on the sticks of the men.

Each leg is tied to two sticks, and a stick sticks in the center.
The men are crouching while carrying it like a shrine.

A woman's long hair is dragged over the leaves.
The whole body is stained with blood.
And a whispering sound that can be heard faintly.

Ah still alive.

I don't remember how I got back to school.
The scene I saw at this time didn't tell anyone.
However, I vowed to my heart that I will never forget it.

This night, everyone shares their food,
"Because it's a life that doesn't even know tomorrow"
And ate like a banquet.

In the meantime, fire began to rise around the city.
Adults say Japanese houses and shrines and temples are on fire.
As one fire begins to fade, another begins to burn.

It is the first time that Japan loses while watching the fire pillars burning up.
Villagers who have been forced to kill all, men who were trying to kill one woman's voice, and people who have set fire to the shrine,

Until now, I was taught to be “devil rice,” but at that time, the word was replaced by the word “devil dog peninsula” in me.


This sentence is a quotation from P.24-P.28 of Midori Tenuchi's book, “Aoi no Hana-A Record of North Korean Lifting”.
The book is now in two prints, but it will soon be out of stock, and if it is a new publication, the book will be 1300 yen, and now Amazon will be 12,980 yen.

At the end of the war, the author finally got on the train to return to Japan from Shinkyo Station in Manchuria. Spent at school.
The pattern at that time is the above sentence.

I finally returned to Japan, but this time my sister in the sentence was kidnapped by North Korea.
This book spells out the actual experience.

This book is fairly fair and details the people who were very kind to the Japanese, even those from the same peninsula.
Therefore, it is not just a book that has written a grudge.

The book also very calmly states that when returning home at the end of the war, the sister Kahoru, who had a hard time, suddenly disappeared, and it was likely that he was later kidnapped by the North Peninsula.

The sentence introduced above depicts the peninsula attacking the Japanese as a group from the day that Japan lost.
At that time, the peninsula had already been ruled by Japan for 36 years, so at least the peninsula under 42 years old were those who had received pre-war education as Japanese.
Nevertheless, as soon as he knew that Japan had lost, he instantly became a mob and attacked the Japanese in groups.

Their raid is a fierce thing that Japanese people would never imagine.
I take away everything I see.
Even when looting, we are wondering which one to choose, because we are Japanese, and in the case of peninsulas and Chinese, whether they are desks or chairs, after looting is finished, it is just after moving Like, take away everything.
At this time, women can be assaulted by older people and children.
Inserting a piece of wood or a stick into the naked woman's vagina is their traditional art.
Even if you survive, the shape of the external genitalia will change.
In recent years, I have heard that women who have suffered such sexual damage will never stop in Japan.

Even after a solid education as Japanese people, their beasts did not change.
Even if you live in Japan and receive Japanese education for 74 years after the war, it will not change.
As always, crimes like beasts are repeated continuously.

Not all peninsulas are such beasts.
I think 99.9999% are decent people.
However, in the Japanese school system with a tradition of 150 years since the Meiji period, if there was an incident where a female student's head was placed in front of an elementary school gate, all the children in Japan were subsequently moved to school. To do.
That is a sound and wise decision.

If there is an indecent student, even if there is only one person or one case, the entire person must be wary.
This is because it is not possible to know who is a beast with a human skin unless an incident occurs.
Then you have to be vigilant about everything.

Their propensity to forgive them if they say “sad” and cry and prowl.
Those who can only see things in a hierarchical relationship, which is up or which is down, are satisfied if they can feel that they are up.
However, they continue to check their rule for many years every day to continue their satisfaction.

There was a movie called “King of Apology” that misunderstood this psychology as if it were the ecology of the Japanese.
This is because Japanese people always have a psychology of “a tiny soul for a single insect”.

Japan, which has been regarded as an emperor by the existence of the Emperor since ancient times, has a spirit of harmony as the DNA of the people, and it is common to be equal as a person, regardless of their status, position, and vertical relationship There is psychology.
So I can't forgive me if I'm going prostrate, but I can't allow my opponent to go out, and even if I'm a nemesis, it's a common Japanese wisdom to send salt to the enemy.

And that is because it was the Emperor in Japan.
We think that we must once again recognize this as the whole Japanese society.

Dogs have completely different habits depending on their breed.
This has nothing to do with the environment in which the dog grew up.
As individuals, even if they take appropriate actions, the nature of dog breeds is completely different for each breed.

Unfortunately, humans are also the same mammals, and humans have different races and ethnicities.
This is different from the individual problem.

When thinking about society, virtues for individuals are always vices for groups.
To put it the other way around, the vices for the individual are the virtues and benefits of the group.

Even in the company, regular employees cannot attend section manager meetings.
Society is made up of discrimination.
“Don't discriminate” is an illusion.

This a real story. But similar things happened many, when the Japanese people transported from Chosun Peninsula(=Korea Peninsula)right after the Japanese Empire surrendered against the Great East Asia War and the Pacific War.

It was a totally and absolutely hell in the world.

You, the western people should know it as a real history of what happened if you lost the war in Asia.

Good luck to you all!

Oh well, close to the end of the world!

My homeland is far


On the peninsula on August 15, 1945 (women and 18 prohibited viewing)_e0171614_11282166.gif

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